Why did my operator fail to opt-in the Multi-Prover AVS?

Confirm that your operator’s ECDSA key is added to the whitelist. Also, make sure that you have staked at least 32 ETH or LST.

I encountered a insufficient stake error when opting in. What should I do?

You may receive execution reverted: StakeRegistry.registerOperator: Operator does not meet minimum stake error when running the ./run.sh opt-in even if you have staked 32 ETH or LST. In that case, just stake more ETH and opt-in again.

The Multi-Prover AVS requires operators to own at least 32 weighted shares in proportion to the overall staking asset. This error occurs when the amount of ETH staked is not 1:1 to the share staked.

How to solve the unknown shorthand flag: d in -d error?

Please make sure that the docker-compose is installed in a plugin way.

Why do I receive errors when running the docker compose xxx commands?

Run . ./docker-compose-env.sh under the multiprover-avs-operator-setup folder. This will update the ENV variables according to the latest config/operator.json file.

There are some weird docker permission errors such as docker: permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket at unix:///var/run/docker.sock

Make sure that the user you are running the command with have the appropriate permissions, such as being in the docker group.

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