Our blockchain explorer is available at https://explorer.ata.network. It is powered by Blockscout and provides the following features and capabilities:

  1. Transaction browsing: Easily browse and query transaction records on the blockchain. View detailed information such as sender, recipient, amount, and timestamp.

  2. Block and on-chain data viewing: Retrieve specific block details including height, hash, and transaction count. Access additional on-chain data such as smart contract states and event logs.

  3. Address and account querying: Obtain transaction history, balance, and related contract information for a specific address or account. Useful for verifying fund flow and tracking account activities.

  4. Token querying: Explore token issuance, holder distribution, and transaction history. Gain insights into the usage and market activity of different tokens.

Utilize our blockchain explorer to explore and analyze blockchain data related to the Automata network, enhancing your understanding of network operations and transaction patterns.

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