Bridging Native Tokens from L2 to L1

Go to the Withdraw tab of the rollup bridge at In the token selector, choose ETH (Sepolia Ether) and input the amount of tokens you wish to withdraw from Automata Testnet. If you are not on the Automata Testnet, you first need to switch the network.

After you switch the network, you will have the option to click the Withdraw button.

After you click the Withdraw button, your wallet will require you to confirm the transaction to begin the withdrawal process. The first step after you confirm the transaction is for the verifier to post the transaction commitment on Ethereum Sepolia. After the transaction commitment is posted, there will be a challenge period during which any verifier can challenge the transaction if it is fraudulent.

If there is no successful challenge, you will be able to withdraw your tokens on Ethereum Sepolia after the challenge period is over. First, you will need to switch back to Ethereum Sepolia.

Second, click on Finalize Withdrawal, confirm the transaction, and the withdrawal process will be finalized.

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