Frequently asked questions

What is attestation?

Attestation checks that the device is what it claims to be. Users attest devices (machines) to receive testnet tokens from the faucet.

How does attestation work?

When you request tokens from our faucet, we'll perform a check to verify the machine, which may include details such as its operating system, hardware configuration, and security status. The attestation report confirms the authenticity and integrity of your device, and can be verified on-chain.

Device attestation does not access or store any personal information.

How often can I attest my device to receive tokens?

User receive testnet tokens with each successful device attestation. The amount varies across faucets:

  • 1 Holesky ETH on the Holesky Faucet

  • 0.1 Sepolia ETH on the Sepolia Faucet

  • Depends on user selection on the L2Faucet

We have a daily limit on the total number of tokens you can receive every 24 hours to prevent abuse and ensure fair distribution.

Why didn't I receive tokens after attesting my device?

If you didn't receive tokens, it might be because your device was not attested successfully, you've already hit the limit within the last 24 hours, or there may be a temporary issue with the faucet. The best solution is to try again - either later, or with a different device.

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