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Automata Network

Automata Network is the privacy middleware layer building for a fair Web3. Its core suite of products include 1RPC, 2FA Guru, NFTFair, AnyDAO and XATA to address perennial issues of exploitation on the blockchain without compromising on security.

Some of our key features: - Do-not-track privacy - Native integration - Universal compatibility

Our Medium is a great introduction to our vision and work.


Given the default transparency of blockchain, users struggle with moving large amount of their fortunes into what is invariably an exposed glass box. The developer experience is a central part of Automata's design and helps to explain our middleware approach. For blockchain projects to advocate for and adopt privacy at the protocol level, it's important to us to reduce integration friction and make the experience a positive one for builders, and further down the line, end-users.

Some of our middleware solutions include Conveyor, a MEV Minimization solution, and Witness, for off-chain privacy governance.

The best way to understand how we're doing this is to dive into our technical framework. Here's an ELI5 version.

We're passionate about:

For Developers

If you're interested in developing with or on Automata Network, view our developer guides for: - ContextFree, our Canary Network - Conveyor, off-chain blockchain governance

For Users

Browse through any of our user guides below to get started:


We're social creatures and active on a number of platforms. Find us on: