Get started with your attestation stack in Automata testnet


We are excited to introduce our new Optimistic Rollup Layer 2 (L2) testnet, which is built on top of the AltLayer. Optimistic Rollup is a scaling solution for Ethereum that improves transaction throughput and cost-effectiveness by processing transactions off-chain while ensuring the security and integrity of on-chain settlements. It achieves this by bundling multiple transactions into a single rollup block, which is then submitted to the Ethereum Network (Layer 1). This approach significantly reduces the gas fees and increases the throughput of the Ethereum Network.

Our testnet is designed to provide developers with a safe and controlled environment to test and experiment with their decentralized applications (dApps) before deploying them on the mainnet. By using our testnet, developers can ensure that their dApps are fully functional and optimized for performance in a Layer 2 environment. In addition, developers can leverage Automata attestation protocol to integrate the attestation features to their dApps in an efficient way.

Network Info

The information about the Automata Testnet and its corresponding settlement layer Sepolia Network is as follows:

  • Network Name - Automata Testnet

  • RPC URL - https://1rpc.io/ata/testnet

  • Chain ID - 1398243

  • Currency Symbol - ETH

  • Block Explorer URL - https://explorer.ata.network

You can visit 1RPC to get an one-click add-on setup to the wallet.


  • Settlement Layer(L1) - Sepolia Testnet

  • Transaction Processing Mode - Fair sequencing

  • Block time - 2 seconds

  • Block Gas Limit - 30,000,000

  • Checkpoint Block Value - 900 L2 blocks (~30 mins)

  • Challenge Periods - 150 L1 blocks (~30 mins)

Fair sequencing means that transactions are processed in a "first-come, first-served" manner, prioritizing the order in which they were received, regardless of the gas tips provided.

Other Resources

Transfer tokens between Ethereum Sepolia L1 and Automata testnet L2. A detailed user guide can be found in here.

An on-chain proof of a user's device attestation ability via Automata 2.0, dig in at PoM.

See your L1 transactions on Ethereum Sepolia's block explorer.

See your L2 transactions on Automata testnet's block explorer.

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