Frequently asked questions

What are Proof of Machinehood attestations?

Proof of Machinehood attestations are cryptographically-signed statements provided by users' devices.

The format and content of this attestation can vary depending on the device type. This includes SafetyNet Attestations for Android phones, TPM Key Attestations for Windows devices, and App Attestations for Apple devices. Proof of Machinehood utilizes Web Authentication API to obtain attestations from different devices in a standardized manner.

Does Proof of Machinehood compromise privacy?

Absolutely not. Machine attestations provide verifiable claims about the identity, configuration and operational attributes of computing devices. This process does not retrieve or retain any personal information from or about the device.

Does Proof of Machinehood confirm device ownership?

Chiefly, Proof of Machinehood attestations on Verax allow developers to verify the authenticity of machines with confidence. It cannot definitely establish ownership of the device, but can provide, by some measure, surety that the user had control of the device at the time of attestation.

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