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XATA is a Fair Liquidity Provisioning protocol that minimizes Maximal Extractable Value (MEV), with anti-front-running supported across multiple chains including Polygon Network and Binance Smart Chain.

Notably, Automata's approach does not rely on any miner bribe nor modification to address MEV.


Powered by Conveyor, XATA creates an unalterable, front-running-free zone:

  • Ordered privacy - Transaction ordering is not revealed unless it is determined and unalterable. No one, including hosting nodes, will know the ordering before it is decided.
  • Gasless Transactions - Users pay gas fee directly in the tokens to be swapped. Native tokens (i.e. BNB, ETH) are no longer required when users are swapping tokens frequently.
  • Chain Agnostic - XATA provides anti-front-running across multiple chains, including Polygon Network and Binance Smart Chain, with further support planned in the near future.
  • No 3rd party involvment - As a stand-alone protocol, XATA does not require any additional miner bribe nor any prior modification on miners' part to work.

How XATA works

XATA arranges transactions in a determined, unbiased order. On the protocol, users are able to view the amount of tokens saved from front-running directly as a result of MEV protection.

  • It is impossible for malicious actors to inject new transactions into XATA's output due to signature mismatch.

  • It is also not possible to delete ordered transactions either, as transactions are broadcasted throughout the network.

Get started

Check out this 2 minute video overview:

Follow our in-depth guide to learn the basics of using XATA.