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Getting started

For Users

  • Connect to the corresponding network
  • Search for the project in the Search bar
  • Cast your vote for an active proposal


Before voting, make sure that:

  • Your MetaMask wallet is connected to the correct network. Read more about the blockchains we support here here and follow these instructions to add them to your wallet.
  • Your account has the necessary number of ERC20/BEP20 tokens to qualify for the vote as specified by the block height in the snapshot.


Find out how to obtain testnet tokens here.

Results will be displayed after voting ends.

Private proposals: Only the final outcome is shown.

Medium proposals: Number of votes for each option will be shown.

Public proposals: Voter information can be viewed by the public.

For Project Owners

There are a number of roles assigned with different levels of control. Project owners can create a workspace for hosting proposals. Project teams or community members are able to create proposals. Currently, the metadata is stored on the testnet of Automata Network. Connect to the testnet to create workspaces or propsals.

Adding the Automata Network testnet

Add the Automata Network to your existing network using the following details:

Field Value
Network Name Automata Network
Chain ID 86
Currency Symbol ATA

Alternatively, add a new network by navigating to:

  • Profile Picture >> Settings >> Networks >> Add Network


  • Network name >> Custom RPC

Connecting Your Metamask Wallet

If the Connect wallet button continues to show up, you are not connected.

Follow these steps to connect your wallet:

  • Click on Connect wallet at the top right corner
  • Click on MetaMask
  • Select the account you wish to connect with MetaMask
  • Connect your account

Creating a workspace

Create a workspace from the landing page.


Before creating a workspace for your token, ensure that:

  • Your MetaMask wallet is connected to Automata Network
  • Your account holds the necessary ATA tokens

Jump ahead to Getting tokens for a detailed guide.

Begin by:

  • Clicking on Create
  • Choose the correct blockchain network for your workspace
  • Fill in your workspace name
  • Fill in your workspace specifications
  • Enter your token contract hash
  • Click on Create

Creating a new proposal

Head over to the workspace to create a proposal.


Before creating a proposal, ensure that:

  • Your MetaMask wallet is connected to Automata Network
  • Your account contains the necessary ATA tokens

Jump ahead to Getting tokens for a detailed guide.

Begin by:

  • Clicking on New Proposal
  • Fill in your proposal title
  • Fill in content for your proposal
  • Add / Edit / Remove your voting options
  • Select the start and end date
  • Click on Publish


This feature enables calling of the on-chain contract registered at proposal creation, across our list of supported networks.

Each voting option can be followed with a chainhook. Or, create a chainhook by:

  • Clicking on Add Chainhook followed by the option field
  • Choose the smart contract language for your Chainhook
  • Fill in the contract address where your Chainhook will take effect
  • Fill in the function name
  • Add arguments for your callback function
  • Each argument is paired with the type and the value field
  • Currently only uint256, uint256[], address, address[] are supported as argument types
  • Follow the example for input value by hovering above the value field


Setting up MetaMask

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Install the extension via the official download page here, or simply add the extension for your browser using the links below:

Getting tokens

Getting ERC20 tokens (Ethereum Kovan Network)

  • Get tokens from Automata's faucet.
  • Copy the address of your account in MetaMask by clicking on 'Copy to Clipboard'
  • Paste the address into the input field for your desired token.
  • Click Submit.

When receiving ERC-20 tokens, the relevant contract hash can be found next to the network name "Ethereum Kovan Network". This information can be copied by clicking on the Copy button.

Getting BEP20 tokens in the Binance Smart Chain test network

Supported Chain Info

Field Value
Network Name BSC mainnet
Chain ID 56
Field Value
Network Name BSC testnet
Chain ID 97
Field Value
Network Name Plasm Dusty testnet
Chain ID 80
Field Value
Network Name Clover testnet
Chain ID 1023
Field Value
Network Name Dawinia Pangolin testnet
Chain ID 43
Field Value
Network Name Moonbase Alpha testnet
Chain ID 1287
Field Value
Network Name Polygon
Chain ID 137
Field Value
Network Name Avalanche
Chain ID 43114
  • Ethereum Mainnet and Kovan Testnet are not listed here since they are supported by Metamask by deafult.

Get supported by Witness

We are happy to onboard more EVM networks onto Witness. Please provide the following details for us to get started with the integration:

  • Chain ID
  • Blockchain Explorer URL (optional)
  • Faucet (for testnet)