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Signature Extraction

Data that are sent to TwoFactorBase contracts must strictly adhere to the following format.

Calldata Deadline Signature
dynamically-sized 32 bytes 65 bytes

Transaction data that are in compliance with the above format is then divided into three parts using the formula described below:

  • Deadline = Data [len-97 : len-65]

This is the given deadline of a transaction, which reverts at block.timestamp > deadline.

  • Signature = Data [-65]

The relayer signature can be simply extracting by slicing out the last 65-bytes of

  • Calldata = Data [0 : len-97]

The actual calldata is the entire excluding the last 97-byte.

2FA Message

The message is a hash of the encoded structure, as defined by the following:

bytes32 hash = keccak256(
        uint256 chainId,
        uint256 walletNonce,
        bytes32 domain_name_hash,
        uint256 deadline,
        address primary,
        address target,
        bytes data

An honest relayer may only sign this message if and only if the relayer is able to verify that the provided 2FA code from the primary wallet holder is valid.