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The first and only on-chain attested privacy preserving RPC, with a track record of protecting 10 billion requests with 200,000 daily active users.
1RPC is a lightweight RPC relay protecting blockchain interactions by eradicating metadata exposure and leakage. With its shielded relay architecture, advanced features and high performance, 1RPC offers everyday Web3 user a one-click experience to armour against unwanted tracking.
Actions such as viewing wallet balances or signing transactions submit requests to the blockchain through RPC endpoints. These requests contain both data and metadata. The association of both account addresses in the same wallet client with personal identifying information poses huge risks for users. Centralized data collection is vulnerable to insider breach & external hacks, either of which hurt user’s data privacy.


1RPC prevents the following data collection from RPC providers:
  • Account addresses association in one wallet client (app/browser extension)
  • IP address (geolocation) 📍
  • User agent (browser, OS) 💻📱
  • Request timestamp (time zone) 🌎
All the requests relayed are protected in our hardware based secure enclave, which is being attested by Automata'a attestation network, making 1RPC the first and only on-chain attested privacy preserving RPC, with a track record of protecting over 8.6 billion requests across over 31 networks with 200,000 daily active users.
Read more on how 1RPC works in 1RPC's detailed documentation.


To support the evolving needs of our budding community, we’ve rolled out 1RPC+ to give users more granular, dynamic control of how they interact with the blockchain.
1RPC+ private endpoint features
Read more about 1RPC+ in the detailed 1RPC+ documentation - and how users create their own bespoke RPC endpoint with transaction sanitizers that can be switched on/off or edited instantly.