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Modular Attestation

Proof of Machinehood is an attestation-based approach to creating an unbroken chain of trust within Web3.

Automata is 2.0

Automata 2.0 is a modular attestation layer that extends machine-level trust to Ethereum, and analogously, Web3. Based on hardware silicon, the application-specific rollup enables on-chain verification for out-of-protocol computation.
Ethereum is the base settlement layer for Automata 2.0's attestation layer. It functions as a global verifier that anchors a global, decentralized network of attestations taking place across both hardware and software components. There are a number of emerging uses cases, including the provisioning of fairness and privacy to the RPC relay, bundled transactions through account abstraction, block building within encrypted enclaves, and more.
Automata 2.0's modular setup allows the attestation layer to work natively with any pre-existing rollup stack. These layers come together to introduce a novel Attestation Stack with highly configurable components. AltLayer, a leading Rollups-as-a-Service provider, supports Automata’s modular framework with its one-click rollup deployment.
Attestation Stack
The Attestation Stack

Proof of Machinehood

Proof of Machinehood brings hardware attestations on-chain and makes it possible to establish the authenticity, computational capability, and inherent value of machines. Its current architecture is based approach utilizes optimistic rollups and zero-knowledge proofs as its technological backbone.
The rollout of Automata 2.0's testnet is also accompanied by a Proof of Machinehood demo:
Hardware attestation establishes a trust base in the machine itself, without the need for excessive computation or capital. This is reinforced by the trust provided by manufacturer's validation.
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    The machine can sign the data it produces, and share the signed data on-chain
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    The machine can further attest the code that it runs, increasing the level of trust for the code

A technical dive:

The Attestation Stack

The Attestation Stack represents the entire tech stack that the modular attestation layer is built on.

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