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Automata NFTFair is A NFT launch platform, designed around principles of fairness and efficacy for a community-led experience is how we would describe NFTFair. Metadata exploits pre-sniping are all predatory practices that make it unfair for the average user to get their hands on a new collection, much less obtain rare or lucrative items.

About Fairdrops


This platform is compatible with most EVM networks. We currently support the hosting of Fairdrop events on the following networks:

  • BSC

We are working hard to expand the list of supported networks. If your intended launch network is not included in our supported list, please submit a proposal here or reach out to us at

Fairdrop Templates:

This platform currently supports two templates, i.e. (1) FIFO (First-In-First-Out) and (2) Mystery Boxes Fairdrops.

FIFO Fairdrop

First-in-first-out vaults enforce the correct ordering of NFT distributions. This is all made possible by Conveyor.

Mystery Boxes Fairdrop

Mystery boxes are a more restricted form of FIFO Fairdrop. Users who participated in a mystery box fairdrop selects an NFT category, i.e. a collection of token IDs. A single token ID is then randomly chosen and not revealed until the transaction has been broadcasted.

Users are also rest-assured that transaction ordering is determined and correctly enforced in a fair manner.

We plan to add more templates in the future.


A category defines a collection of NFTs, with a set of configurable properties, such as:

  • NFT Contract
  • Range of Token IDs
  • Sales Price
  • Maximum Purchase/Claim Limit

Fairdrop event organizers must define at least one category before sending NFTs to Fairdrop vaults.

Fair Sales:

This platform provides the option to enable Fairdrop sales, i.e. Selling NFTs in exchange for an acceptable form of ERC20 payment tokens. NFTs can be differentiated by categories, where prices can be set individually.

Each vault only accepts a single ERC20 payment token. In other words, it is not possible to price one category at 100 USDC, and the other at 100 BTC.

You can however, price different categories for different amounts of the same token. For instance, 100 USDC for category A and 1000 USDC for category B.

Sales revenue can be withdrawn once the Fairdrop event has come to an end.


Gas consumption plays a major role on the cost of running Fairdrops. This platform provides a gasless transaction experience, powered by Conveyor. To provide the true experience of zero-cost transactions for the users, you may opt for relayer-sponsored transactions.

Relayer-sponsored transactions do not charge ERC20 gas payment from the users. The event organizers would bear the full gas cost instead. Please reach out to us at, to get a quote and a cost breakdown for enabling relayer-sponsored transactions.

Ready to start?

If you are interested in using our platform and ready to start a Fairdrop, you need to provide us with the following information:

  • The activity name. (Example: MOGA Mystery Box Fairdrop)

  • A page title. (Example: Come And Obtain Your Own Genesis MOGA!)

  • The start and end time for your fairdrop.

  • Official website and social media URLs.

  • A short description to introduce your project. (Example: Monster Galaxy is making a mystery box fairdrop to give our players the chance to obtain powerful genesis mogas! Don’t lose this opportunity!)

  • A list of FAQs to let users know about the Fairdrop.

  • A horizontal brand logo, higher than 200px. Example

  • A square brand logo, bigger than 500px. Example

  • A banner related to the theme of the Fairdrop with size 2132x224px Example

  • A small 32x32px square icon for the browser tab bar. Example

  • Once you complete setting up the Fairdrop, you can transfer or mint your NFT to our vault contract, and begin selling.

  • If you wish to enable the wallet connect function with your infura id, you need to provide the id to us. Read more about Wallet Connect and Infura ID

Moreover, you can provide us with the primary color of your brand and some decoration backgrounds to customize and enrich your Fairdrop activity page.

That's all, leave the rest to us, and we'll bring you a fantastic Fairdrop.

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