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This documentation outlines the contract specification of the platform. The contracts consist of three components:

  • NFTFairFactory - The factory contract to deploy vaults based on a given template. Proxied by NFTFairProxy for upgradability.
  • NFTFairTreasury - The central contract that collects sales revenues generated from vaults, and other protocol-related payment.
  • NFTFairVaultBase - The base Vault contract that implements essential features of a vault, can be extended with additional implementations that are tailored to a specific template.

Currently, the platform supports the two templates:

  • FIFO
  • Mystery Boxes

We plan to add more templates in the future.



Contract Address
NFTFairFactory 0x67F7e0C322a067C70e1eE99873Fe4163f4A02edD
NFTFairProxy 0x062154774E1726246c75A4e8f05EDC675d8B39a1
NFTFairTreasury 0x39c805A56EeF49BcD7C6c14d5dcf6e7f0daf63A4