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This document introduce you to the basics of ContextFree accounts.

Account basic

The address format used in ContextFree network is SS58, which is a modification of Base-58-check from Bitcoin with some miner changes. More details can be found on the Substrate github wiki.

Network Address type prefix Leading characters Example(Alice)
Automata Network 2349 aA
ContextFree Network 11820 a7 a7SvTrjvshEMePMEZpEkYMekuZMPpDwMNqfUx8N8ScEEQYfM8
FiniteState Network 13107 at ateYGxACWo2Yu8wVi7RGJQsEQLAB25xbAHkSRpzTqMabJ38zx
Substrate default 42 5 5GrwvaEF5zXb26Fz9rcQpDWS57CtERHpNehXCPcNoHGKutQY

As we known, the secret seed of account Alice is: 0xe5be9a5092b81bca64be81d212e7f2f9eba183bb7a90954f7b76361f6edb5c0a. In ContextFree network, the address of Alice will be a7SvTrjvshEMePMEZpEkYMekuZMPpDwMNqfUx8N8ScEEQYfM8. But all addresses above are merely different representations of the same public key in a private-public keypair. In another word, the account in ContextFree network is compatible with other substrate-based chains.

Create account

There are several ways to create an ContextFree account, we will suggest you to use our official blockchain explorer.

Create account using explorer

  1. Open official blockchain explorer of Automata, check the connected network on the left upper corner of web page. If the connected network is not ContextFree Network, click and choose Automata ContextFree in TEST NETWORKS.
  2. Click Accounts in the top menu and choose Accounts, you will enter the accounts page. Then click Add account and start to create a new account.
  3. You will see a auto generated mnemonic in the popup box, please copy this mnemonic and save it safely.
  4. Enter an alias for this account and create a password, we suggest you to use a strong and unique password.
  5. Click Save and we finish the process of creating an account.
  6. The newly created account will be show in the list, and there will be a auto downloaded file which describe the details of this account.

Import existing account

The process of importing an existing account into blockchain explorer is similar to the process of creating one. We will show you how to import the well known Alice account. 1. Override the auto generated Mnemonic or Raw seed with mnemonic or seed of your existing account. 2. Create an alias and enter the password, the imported account will be show in the list.


Please refer to Wallet tutorial if you want to create and manage accounts in polkadot extention.