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ContextFree Network

ContextFree is the Canary Network of Automata’s Mainnet, and this is an important milestone in realizing the technological vision of a privacy middleware platform built for Web 3.0.

The launch of ContextFree provides a pre-production environment for real-life learnings to be applied to the eventual rollout of the Mainnet. During this time, users are invited to battle-test the code. Features are rolled out in phases to ensure the stability and security of the blockchain.

This documentation homepage offers the necessary resources to learn about ContextFree, guides and tools to contribute to the Canary Network, either as a user looking to explore the blockchain, or to participate by running a node. Here are some background information to get you started:

Network Parameters


Config Parameter
Expected block time 6 seconds
Epoch duration 4 hours
Era duration 24 hours
Account prefix 11820


CTX are ContextFree tokens, and do not have any monetary value. Users can request for free CTX tokens by heading over to our faucet. The initial circulation amount of CTX is set at 1 billion, and will be minted on demand.


ContextFree launch progress mimics and follows the Roadmap, with faster iteration. All upgrades will be recorded in this documentation.


2021-09-30 Initial launch ContextFree was launched on September 30, 2021, in Proof of Authority mode. All nodes are held by the Automata team, with most functionalities disabled.
2021-10-09 Token Economics Features related to Transfer, Staking and Token Bridge have been enabled on October 9, 2021.
2021-10-12 NPoS Nominated Proof of Stake has been enabled on October 12, 2021, and public validators will be able to join the network.


Name Value
HTTP RPC Endpoint
Websockets RPC Endpoint wss://