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Voting is one of the most important components for DAO. Currently there are two major approaches: off-chain signalling and on-chain governance. Due to the sensitivity and indeterminate design of on-chain infrastructure for different project, there is no an easy approach to have a universal pattern to apply to most of the cases and it requires abundant knowledge and thorough understanding to practice on-chain governance, currently there are very few teams have the ability to adopt it. Thus off-chain signalling is still the major approach for DAO to involve the community to make decisions.

However for off-chain signalling voting, there are also several major problems faced:

  • Island of Voting Power: Nowadays most of WEB3.0 projects locate their assets across different chains, usually users have to bridge their assets to a specific chain designated by the project team to have the right to vote. It causes unnecessary waste for the intermediate transactions and can even cause a liquidity crisis.
  • Privacy Concern: Anonymous voting will greatly promote users' motivation to get involved in the voting. But due to the nature of traceability of blockchain networks, it is always a challenge to achieve true anonymity.

AnyDAO is an off-chain voting signalling platform built by Automata Network aiming to solve the above challenges. Currently it already supports the following major features:

  • Boarderless Governance: Vote aggregation across any EVM or Substrate-based blockchain networks

  • Zero-cost voting: User-friendly process

  • Multi-tier privacy: Adjustable privacy levels

  • Flexible parameters: Choose from different token standards, such as with ERC20s, NFTs, LP tokens or Native Substrate Account Balances.

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