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Governance is a perennial issue that has taken on weighted importance with the considerable growth of blockchain protocols, with many of these networks boasting billions in locked value on their platforms. Be that as it may, participation rate remains low. One of the most immediate challenges for most Web3 projects on the path of decentralization is in figuring out the tangle of collective decision making.

AnyDAO is designed with powerful, intutiive tools to help make this happen.


  • Borderless governance
    Vote aggregation across different blockchain networks (and token standards)
  • Multi-chain platform
    Native support for DAOs on EVM and Substrate-based platforms
  • Zero-cost voting
    Free (gasless!) to create and vote on proposals with signed messages
  • Multi-tier privacy
    Adjustable privacy settings which controls the visibility of the voting results
  • Custom parameters
    Voting can be done through NFTs, LP tokens or native Substrate account balances