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User Guide

Claim test tokens

  • This guide assumes you have set up your wallet account. If not, please refer here
  • Head to the Automata Faucet. You may need to login via a Twitter account
  • Choose ContextFree under the Network drop-down field
  • Input your ContextFree wallet address and click Submit
  • 10 CTX tokens will be sent to your account. You can also check this on our dashboard

Interface layout

  • Let's take a look at the AnyDAO frontend
  • The left panel contains the directory
  • The right panel displays all projects currently registered on AnyDAO

Connect wallet

  • The connect button is located at the bottom of the left panel
  • To disconnect, click on your connected wallet to locate the Disconnect button
  • Connect with a PolkadotJS wallet to carry out the following: Register Project, Update Project, and Create Proposal

Create project

  • Having followed the steps above, Project Management should appear on the left panel. Make sure you are connected with a Polkadot Extension Wallet
  • Go to Project Management, then Add a new project
  • Fill in your project title and description
  • Upload your project icon, as well as banner
  • Add workspaces for your project and select the chain
  • Select a strategy from the drop-down menu
  • You should arrive at this page once done
  • Click on Submit new project and follow the wallet instructions to submit the transaction. Ensure your wallet has enough tokens to pay for the transaction fee
  • A message should appear which means your project has been created successfully

Update Project

  • Upon successfully creating your project, you should be able to see it under Project Management
  • Select a project that has been created previously
  • Adjust your settings. Once you're done, click on Save project settings.
  • Follow the wallet instructions to submit the transaction.

Create Proposal

  • Click on New Proposal
  • Fill in a title and short description
  • Click on Define proposal configurations to adjust your settings
  • Understand the different privacy levels
  • Understand the different voting types
  • Starting date & ending date refers to the proposal voting period. Understand more about time restriction
  • Understand more about update frequency
  • Click on Publish my proposal and follow the instructions to submit your transaction. You should be able to see your proposal once it has been successfully created


  • Go to any on-going proposal or one you have just created
  • For proposals with Mixed privacy level, toggle Vote Privacy to choose whether to vote publicly or anonymously
  • Choose to vote publicly and details of the vote will be visible, such as:
  • Choose to vote anonymously and no details will be revealed
  • Click on an option to cast your vote
  • Voting only requires a signature from your wallet. No fees will be charged for voting
  • You can use either Metamask wallet or Polkadot Extension Wallet according to the project's workspace configuration

This is an example of a closed proposal