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User Guide

How to setup

  • Head to 2FA Guru
  • Connect your Metamask wallet
  • If this is your first time using 2FA Guru, click on Wallet Actions to sign up
  • Sign a message to prove your identity before a unique 2FA secret is generated
  • Your primary wallet and 2FA device should be on two separate devices

  • 2FA Guru is compatible with numerous authenticators which can store the 2FA secret
  • This includes 1Password, LastPass, Authy, and more

Recommended configuration in 1Password

username wallet address
tags the target network
  • We recommend linking a recovery wallet so that you are able to reset the 2FA anytime
  • There is a window of 7 days after signing up for users to complete this step
  • To set up a recovery wallet, send a binding transaction to 2FA management contract. Gas fees are required

Reset 2FA device

  • In the event that a user has lost access to the 2FA application or device, reset is only possible when a recovery wallet has been linked
  • The process is straightforward and similar to the first-time set up for 2FA Guru
  • Head to 2FA Guru
  • Connect your recovery wallet using Metamask
  • Click on Reset 2FA under Wallet Actions
  • Provide the primary wallet address and sign the message
  • A match between the address pair will allow the user to scan a new secret
  • The 2FA device is successfully reset. No gas fees are required

Make authorised transfers

  • Once 2FA Guru has been set up, all assets across supported dApps will enjoy the same protection
  • These assets can be transferred under the Manage my wallet assets panel
  • Users will have to sign a message in order to secure the transfer

Disable 2FA protection

  • After a user has disabled 2FA, there is a cooldown period of 7 days during which the request can be cancelled
  • Once the request has been confirmed after 7 days, the user will not be able to use 2FA Guru again

Steps to disable 2FA

  • Head to 2FA Guru
  • Connect your wallet using Metamask
  • Click on Disable 2FA button under Wallet actions
  • After signing the message, there is a cooldown window of 7 days during which the request can be cancelled
  • 2FA Guru remains active during this period and assets will continue to be protected

  • To cancel the disable request, click on Cancel Disable 2FA under Wallet Actions