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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the 2FA secrets different for each account?

Of course. Each new account has a unique secret, which is replaced if a reset request is confirmed. Even with the same account, secrets are different across networks.

2. How long does it take to bind a recovery wallet?

Binding takes place immediately. You will need to bind a recovery wallet within 7 days of signing up with your primary wallet.

3. How long does it take to disable 2FA?

Once you have put in your request, there is a cooldown window of 7 days before 2FA is permanently disabled for that particular account. During those 7 days, if you happen to change your mind, simply cancel the request.

4. Can I change my recovery wallet after binding?

Unfortunately, no. Binding is permanent, so make sure to keep your recovery wallet safe - for one, don't use it in the same device as your primary wallet so that they are not compromised at the same time.

5. During the setup process, what happens if I scan the QR code without inputting the 6-digit authentication code?

2FA will not be successfully enabled for the account, and the authenticated code from its secret will not be authorized.

6. During the reset process, what if I scan the QR code without inputting the 6-digit authentication code?

The new secret will not be stored in the 2FA storage. The user's old secret will remain active.

7. Can I use the same recovery wallet for more than one primary wallet?


8. What kinds of assets will be shown in the wallet assets management page?

All 2FA protected assets and Top20 ERC20 tokens in each network.

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