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1RPC+ is a subscription plan that offers users more granular, dynamic control of their interaction with blockchain.

The waitlist for 1RPC+ is now at capacity, and we will begin to invite users over the next few weeks.


  • Transaction sanitizers

    Transaction sanitizers deter both known and emerging phishing threats that precede a potential loss of funds. Anti-phishing rules help users to avoid interactions with bad actors. Address scanning warns against a network of known, malicious addresses and smart contracts. Explorer contract verification and recipient validation on exchanges such as Uniswap ensures that users are interacting with genuine, official sources.

  • Bespoke RPC

    Users of 1RPC+ own and customize a unique RPC endpoint to structure their journey in Web3, instead of having to go along with a blanket protection policy. 1RPC+ provides clarity for users on how they interact with a dApp or smart contract. This offers a more intuitive experience, but also the freedom of choice to strike a balance between user convenience and privacy protection.

  • Fail-safe protection

    1RPC+ users are buffered from potential phishing attempts even if its wider technical environment becomes vulnerable to such attacks. For the user on a wallet that does not offer native anti-phishing protection, 1RPC+ will still be able to detect and prevent malicious transactions from taking place in real-time, ao long as the relevant transaction sanitizer was set up in the first place.